Eat Clean - Outta The Park BBQ Sauce in Prevention Magazine!

We are so excited about the August 2014 issue of Prevention Magazine! Yes, it features a beautiful cover with gorgeous red tomatoes, and yes it contains articles like “Eat Clean & Lose Weight” and recipes for “No-Cook Dinners” that are welcome in our busy household.

But what’s really got us jazzed up is that this issue includes a blurb and picture of Outta The Park BBQ Sauce!

Our barbecue sauce is highlighted in their “eatclean” section along with several other “minimal-ingredient, maximal-flavor” condiments and spreads.

The page we are on reads: “Bases Loaded--Once you secure the cleanest (read: organic) grill essentials – filler-free hot dogs; no antibiotic patties and chicken – match ‘em up with minimal-ingredient, maximal-flavor toppings.”

And there is a picture of our BBQ Sauce right beside some grill-marked, summer-time eats! It’s a thrill and an honor to have our brand highlighted in this popular health and wellness publication.

When Prevention launched their new monthly “EatClean” section last month, they stated “every meal is a chance to make a radical choice for health.”

We wholeheartedly agree. Calories move over…chemicals are the next big thing customers are counting. Clean eating has arrived!

And when it comes to “eating clean,” there is a range of criteria out there depending on who you ask. The definition provided by Prevention editors resonates well with us.

At Prevention, “Clean” means:

  • Great Taste.
  • Real Food.
  • Sustainable.
  • Low in Sugar and Salt.
  • Fresh and Local.
  • No Nasty Chemicals.
  • The Frontier.

“Clean” doesn’t mean:

  • Eating Like a Rabbit.
  • Mindless Politics.
  • Anti-packaged Food.
  • Joyless meals.
  • Lectures.

If their definition of clean eats sounds reasonable to you, you’re not alone. You’ll find Prevention Magazine a handy resource not only for healthy living tips and farm fresh recipes but also for helpful guidance on deliciously clean packaged foods.

Thanks so much to Prevention Magazine for calling attention to Outta The Park BBQ Sauces!

PS: Watch our Facebook page as we’ll be launching a promotion soon to celebrate our first appearance in a major national publication!