Outta The Park Sauces Highlighted by WRAL Out & About!

Outta The Park BBQ Sauce got some great NC local recognition and press last month, and this round of local news features and sauce awards all started with our Original sauce winning 1st Place at this month's NC Specialty Foods Association Product Awards Competition.

NCSFA is a trade group that supports NC food producers - from large established companies to start ups - and provides education and resources to help grow NC agriculture and food production. One way they accomplish this is by hosting taste contests for member companies and by bringing in accomplished chefs, prominent local foodies, and news media writers and editors to serve as judges.

Scott was thrilled to accept the Blue Ribbon and top honors in September from Association President Allie Nance. And then we were elated to discover that one of the judges on the panel who took a strong liking to our sauces was none other than Kathy Hanrahan who is WRAL’s Out and About Editor. Kathy has a long track record of winning awards for entertainment reporting and for the websites she oversees.

Having found a new fan of Outta The Park Sauces in Kathy made us happy - thank you NCSFA!! And then when she wrote about our sauces on WRAL's Out and About website, we were ecstatic!! Here's an excerpt:

"From mild to hot and spicy, I have found a new favorite sauce and it is made in Cary. I became hooked on Outta The Park BBQ Sauce while judging the North Carolina Specialty Foods Association taste competition earlier this month. Their Original sauce won a blue ribbon and the Hot and Spicy version was easily a top finisher as well."

She goes on to mention how our sauce was featured in Prevention Magazine, and you can click the pic or the link that follows to read her complete article "Our Latest Obsession: Outta The Park BBQ Sauce"

Probably some of our favorite comments ever about our sauces were made on the WRAL Out and About Facebook page:

"Every month we try to highlight something local that we love - from products to places. This month we are hooked on Outta The Park BBQ Sauce! Locally made and delicious. And no this isn't a paid ad! We just love it and wanted to share it with readers..."

That is some sweet music to our eyes, ears and souls. Thank you Kathy and WRAL Out and About for such a terrific write up!