Our Story...

From the moment Outta The Park® BBQ Sauce was first created in our family’s kitchen, we knew we had a homerun on our hands. With ribs on the grill, my husband Scott set out to make his typical homemade sauce but this time he was inspired to “use up” some fresh produce we had on hand. That night it was fresh ginger and jalapenos, and I was skeptical about the meal that was to come.

To my surprise, the sauce was extraordinary! And by my third bite I grabbed a pen and insisted that Scott tell me exactly what he did to make this flavorful sauce. Those were the best ribs we had ever tasted, and with the recipe in writing, I was thrilled for him to make the sauce again. But would it be as good?

The answer was yes! Over time when each batch came out just as delicious as before, the idea that we needed to share our sauce with others grew. In 2009 things came together. With help from friends we pieced together a design, logo and humble website. We found a great local facility for bottling and we were on our way.

Years later, we are still finding new fans of Outta The Park BBQ Sauces by the day. Some folks love our sauces for the care we take with ingredients, and all of our fans enjoy the great-tasting food they make using our sauces.

Our Sauces...

Our Original recipe features a zesty blend of fresh jalapenos, ginger and spices to create great flavor and a family-friendly, mild-medium level of heat. Fresh flavors permeate each bite and complement a rich, organic tomato base. Outta The Park Original sauce combines the perfect amount of sweetness with a tangy and peppery kick. Great on your favorite meats, seafood and veggies.

Our Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce brings the heat to our award-winning Original recipe with a bold blend of hot chile peppers and our signature gingery bite. Hot for sure, but not so hot you can't taste your food, this sauce is a grand slam for fans of food with big flavors.

Both varieties of Outta The Park BBQ Sauce are great on chicken, pork, ribs, steak and free range meats like venison, buffalo and elk. They are a delicious condiment for veggie burgers, regular burgers and they are great as a alternative to traditional pizza sauces.

Great tasting food - both on and off the grill - is made simple with Outta The Park sauces.