Easy Grill Tips to Reduce Char Article on Abe's Market Blog

We're excited that our Outta The Park Grill Tips are featured in an article today on The Scoop with Abe's Market!

Abe's recently put out a request for summer time article ideas, and we thought folks might appreciate some tips on How to Minimize Char and Grill Foods to Perfection. Our idea got the Abe's thumbs up, and our tips are live on their blog today!

The topic of charred food brings with it a range of opinions - from people who love it for its flavor, to celebrity chefs who frown on black food as unappetizing, to researchers who associate charred food with various health hazards.

Our article and tips don't invite a debate, we just know that a lot of people want to minimize char for a variety of reasons and the good news is it's not only possible but it's also simple if you follow some very basic techniques.

Pop over to the Abe's article to learn more and to see just how easy it is to reduce char and grill food to perfection. And thanks to Abe's Market for featuring us today on The Scoop!

By the way, Abe's Market is one of our online retailers. We love them for their focus on offering products that are natural and/or organic. You can check out our products on their site by clicking here.