We're #1!

Outta the Park BBQ Sauce was the #1 selling product (out of more than 300!) for September at our online retailer. For details, please visit:


Our thanks to all our "Outta Town" fans for your help in making this possible. Don't forget to email us with your great recipes and grill-party photos; the best new meal ideas come from our customers, and we'll post them all on our website!

Thanks again for getting sauced with us!
Scott and Beth Granai

Carolina Sauce - Very cool site!

Just want to say a big THANK YOU to Gloria at Carolina Sauce Company! If you haven't checked out her website and blog yet, please take a look. "SaucyGlo" as she calls herself is a terrific blogger turning out great posts several times each week. You can find great recipes and learn a ton about a variety of sauces. She even carries some of my favorites, like Zing Sauce and Pepper Dog Salsa, which are also tasty NC products. Check her out at www.carolinasauce.com.