We Won 3 Scovie Awards for 2013! 1st Win for Hot & Spicy!

Late October is an important time in the world of gourmet food competitions. This is when close to a thousand great products compete for top honors and the international recognition that come with being a Scovie Awards Winner. The 2013 results are in and it's official - we have entered and won awards 4 years in a row!

The first 3 years our Original won in the All Natural Mild Barbecue Sauce category. This year we decided to branch out, and we're thrilled to share that we placed in 2 new categories - Meat Sauce and Barbecue Sauce Dietary (for being Gluten-Free). Plus this is the 1st Scovie Award for our Hot & Spicy.

We've always known Outta The Park BBQ Sauces taste great as a condiment - no cooking necessary, and it's great that the Scovie judges agree. So go ahead and just dip it, dunk it or pour it on!

Move over A1 and Heinz 57, there's a new steak sauce in town!