"We Are LOCAL" Campaign at Whole Foods N. Raleigh Features Outta the Park!

Hats off to Brandon Yow in marketing at the Whole Foods North Raleigh store for creating his inspired "We Are Local" campaign. We are a featured local vendor on a big poster at the front of the store thanks to Cooking Specialist Mike Davis who likes Outta the Park Hot & Spicy! Mike's mission is to get more people cooking healthy fresh foods in their own kitchens. It's a great mission that results in healthier people and healthier families. Call for a schedule of Mike's upcoming cooking demos and learn how to make healthy meals your whole family can enjoy!


Mike Davis, Whole Foods Cooking Specialist by day, is also the lead singer and guitarist for the Raleigh, NC based band MikeMickXer. Scott and I have seen Mike's band perform and I was blown away by how talented he and his band is. If I wasn't so darned busy running a family and a family business, I could easily be a groupie! Find them on Facebook, go see them play and you will be VERY glad you did.