"Thumbs Up on Outta The Park" "All Natural and All Yummy"

Cyndi Allison, an accomplished writer whose blogs include Barbecue Master and Yes You can Grill, has written a nice review of Outta the Park Hot & Spicy BBQ Sauce. As a grilling enthusiast for 35 years Cyndi has experience with the many different types of sauces out there ranging from Eastern NC style, to Lexington-, Kansas City-, Memphis-style and more.

She does a great job of describing where Outta The Park fits in from a style perspective, and I learned a lot about sauces in general from reading her review. She has some great pictures of our sauce in action and offers her tips for grilling chicken on the O Gas Tailgate Grill.

We love that Cyndi gave our sauce a thumbs up and the title of her review is terrific: "Score with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce - All Natural and All Yummy". Check out Cyndi's review and her blogs - you'll be glad you did!