Tailgater Monthly 2011 - Favorite Marinades, Rubs & Sauces

The latest issue of Tailgater Monthly Magazine has a great article titled "Bring on the Flavor - Marinades, Rubs and Sauces - Those Taste Bud Enhancers that Make us Look Like Wizards on the Grill."

In this Jan/Feb 2011 article, Author Beth Anthony shares useful grilling tips when working with ready-made products and she's got some recipes that look quite tasty too. One quote from the article that I just love is, "For sure a great sauce can make you a rock star."

I couldn't agree more!

The other thing that makes this article AWESOME from our perspective is that the Tailgater Monthly staff tracked down some of their "favorite ready-made marinades, rubs and sauces" and pictured them on p. 43. And Outta The Park BBQ Sauce is there - in red, white and blue - listed alongside some very well recognized names as Stubbs and Tabasco!

The coolest thing of all is that you can read the article and the entire magazine online - just hit Tailgater Monthly photo to the left and you're off...here's to a fantastic start to 2011!