A Sauce is Born!

Scott first created the recipe for what would become Outta The Park BBQ Sauce in the spring of 2008. He didn’t set out to create the most delicious sauce that I had ever tasted; he was just using up produce in the refrigerator. But the sauce was so extraordinary that I immediately grabbed a pen and made him detail exactly what he did to make this amazing sauce. In our 10 year marriage, Scott has written down all of 2 or 3 recipes, and I knew if I didn’t put this one on paper right away, the formula would be lost forever.
This first “accidental” batch and recipe was dubbed “Sc-hott Sauce,” and from the first taste I raved that it was phenomenal and much better than anything I had ever bought from a store. Scott recalls me saying, “We could sell a million bottles of this!” While I don’t remember saying that exactly, I do remember sensing an overwhelming feeling of opportunity, possibility and - dare I say - duty to share this new, healthier version of America’s ideal sweet and tangy BBQ sauce with others.
Alas, the idea of bringing a sauce to market didn’t translate to action, and the opportunity sat idle for the next year. Each time Scott made the sauce during that time, the fire in me would rekindle with the same thought – we’ve got to get this sauce in bottles for others to enjoy! Then in the spring of 2009, as Scott cooked up the first batch of “Sc-hott Sauce” for the new BBQ season, the planets finally aligned, and we agreed the timing was right to start a family business.
We even got coincidental prods from our children to keep us moving forward. Our 3 year old son began to pretend to spray us all with his imaginary BBQ sauce squirt gun! He’d emphatically make a spraying sound and chant, “BBQ SAUCE! BBQ SAUCE!” and of course we’d fall back fully doused and coated in the thick rich imaginary sauce he sprayed on us.
Then for no reason at all, our 18 month old began to assume the posture of our celebrating grill guy. At the time we were very much in the concept stage for our art – there was nothing on paper. Hands over head in full celebration, our youngest son would smile, laugh and in his own way remind us to keep moving forward.
And there’s our 7 year old daughter, a natural born salesperson gifted with the power of persuasion. She loves the sauce and is so eager to help us sell it – lemonade-stand style of course! We’ve had to remember there are child labor laws in the US and we can’t rely on her alone to market our sauce for us!
And now here we are in June 2009 at the start of our new venture. We’ve made the decision to invest our time, talents, energy and money in ourselves and our own good idea instead of someone else’s, as we both have our entire professional careers.
So, welcome to Outta The Park Eats, Inc. – home of our soon-to-be famous Outta The Park BBQ Sauce!

Our Celebrating Grill Guy

At last, I have uploaded an image of our grill guy art to add to the story of how our sauce came to be. We chose to have a celebrating grill guy on our label where our guy is celebrating the homerun taste and clean ingredients that make Outta The Park BBQ Sauce a healthier version of the sweet and tangy sauce that America loves!

Many thanks go to Tim Phelps of Phelps Design Studio in Hickory, NC, for creating an amazing grill guy for us. Check out Tim's phenomenal talent at www.phelpsdesignstudio.com.

And thanks to Angela Coulter at www.aboutfacemarketing.net for giving us the blue sky and green grass background and initial logo designs.

And thanks to Bill Resnick and Michele at ProForma Printing in Boston for refining our logo and the amazing folks at Logo Label Printing in Durham for giving us a great label!