Recipes from Saucy Girls Kitchen ~ Pancetta, Salmon & Burgers

We had the pleasure of meeting Helena of Saucy Girls Kitchen last summer during our Feed Your Crowd photo contest. You can imagine our delight when someone who’s known as “The Saucy Girl” won some of our sauce!

It turns out Helena is more than a talented home chef and food blogger with a huge following on Facebook. She is a true expert in the kitchen and is a former Director of a cooking school in Los Angeles. She designs cooking classes, and her passion is coming up with new recipes and teaching others how to make great tasting food that is simple to make. Her tagline on her website says it all:

“Great food – it’s really not that complicated!”

So we were thrilled when Outta The Park BBQ Sauce was featured on the Saucy Girls Kitchen website. And we were completely flattered to read what this sauce-making connoisseur of great food had to say about our sauce:

“I entered a contest on Outta The Park Sauce’s Pinterest Page and won! I’m sure glad I did because that is how I discovered the best BBQ Sauce ever. Seriously, this stuff is incredibly delicious.”

The easy Outta The Park recipes you’ll find on Saucy Girls Kitchen are:

Sweet & Spicy Pancetta Rounds – a terrific appetizer
Baked Salmon – so simple just add sauce
The Ultimate Burger with Pepper Jack Cheese

Please click on the links on this page and check out Helena’s Outta the Park creations. Be sure to check out the rest of her website too. You’ll find useful tips on how to prepare your own sauces at home. Her section called All About Sauces is incredible and will give you confidence in the kitchen and the know-how to perfect the five most basic, “Mother Sauces,” as all other sauces are derived from these.

You can learn a lot from a great teacher on The Saucy Girl's website. We sure have. Follow her on Facebook and Pinterest too for great recipes. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you!

Beth, thank you so much!! I'm flattered. Seriously, your sauces are wonderful! The name is perfect... 'cause you really do hit it "Outta The Park". xoxo