Outta the Park is In the News in Monroe, Louisiana!

Patrick Gerl has written a great Lifestyles article that addresses barbecue and wine just in time for Memorial Day weekend. In addition to reminding people to reflect on what this holiday is all about, he offers up great grilling suggestions that pair delicious sauces with affordable wines.

In his article "Great Wine Blends for Barbecue" at News-Star.com he writes, "A more traditional barbecue sauce is the Outta the Park BBQ Sauce. It is perfect for a grilled bratwurst, Polish sausage or Italian sausage sandwich. Do this stadium style by dunking the grilled sausage in a bowl of the sauce to allow the sauce to coat the whole sausage. It would also be my choice for barbecued ribs."

Click the logo below to read his article and be inspired to get out and grill this holiday weekend.

Great to get some ink in the great state of Louisiana!