Outta The Park Makes "All-Star Sauces" Line Up!

All-Star Sauces is a great source for award-winning sauces delivered to your front door. We're thrilled to be a part of their sauce lineup for 2013, and as the May/June featured sauce we filled a room with packages of our sauce that we shipped to their members earlier this month. We are especially excited about our position in the line-up because of an ad that All-Star Sauces ran in the May/June issue of Cooking With Paula Deen magazine. Their double-page ad features Outta The Park BBQ Sauce and highlights some our great awards and accolades - check it out!

And thanks to the guys at All-Star Sauces for the great support and exposure to their growing fan base of BBQ enthusiasts! We are happy to have your customers as our customers too!