Outta The Park Made Organic Eater's Top 12 in 2012 List!

At Natural Products Expo in Baltimore this past September, we had the opportunity to share our sauce with Dana Ramsey who is the organic foods advocate and healthy eating blogger known as Organic Eater.

Dana gave us feedback right away that she and her family enjoyed our sauce, and she was kind enough to share pictures of our sauce and her creations on Instagram and Facebook last fall. So, just last week we were THRILLED to learn that Outta The Park BBQ Sauces made "Organic Eater's Top 12 in 2012" list!

Organic Eater writes, "Outta The Park BBQ Sauce is a mostly-organic-ingredients sauce that is a winner in this house! We put it on most anything, and use it in place of ketchup sometimes." These are words we LOVE to hear! You can check out her comments and her other favorite natural and organic discoveries from 2012 here.

Be sure to check out and follow Organic Eater on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Dana has a perspective that resonates so well with me. Her focus is on encouraging healthy eating and helping others fulfill what they have been called to do with good health.

In her About Me section, Dana writes "I believe in a “purpose-driven” life (see Rick Warren’s book), and no matter what you’re passionate about, you need good health to continue doing it! This is not a blog about living longer necessarily, but living better. Being able to do all you’ve been called to do, as long as you have breath to do it. Connecting how you feel to what you eat."

What a noble calling. We are fans of Organic Eater, and we're elated that she is a fan of our sauce!