Outta The Park Egg Skillet with Ground Pork Recipe

Whether you're having breakfast at the normal time or if it's a breakfast for dinner kind of day, you can't go wrong with this exceptionally tasty egg skillet.

Here's our quick and easy recipe:

- Cook a thin layer of grated potatoes in skillet with a touch of olive oil until golden brown
- Add Pre-cooked ground pork as the next layer
- Pour scrambled eggs over the top, and cook skillet style
- Season each layer with salt, pepper & Tony Chacheres seasoning to taste
- Top cooked egg with shredded cheese
- Drizzle with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce
- Add something green and tasty if you like - we added jalapenos.

This is one seriously hearty breakfast or breakfast for dinner! Give it a try - we think you'll agree!