Outta the Park Contest Makes Yahoo! Finance and Barron's!

It's not too often a small food company that's still pretty much in start-up mode has the opportunity to do something cutting edge from a technology perspective. But opportunity came our way this past August, and Outta the Park BBQ Sauce became among the first to do something REALLY cool on Pinterest. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media destination these days, and brand managers everywhere are trying to wrap their heads around how to make the most of it and use it effectively to engage with their customers.

Calling on our past as technology sales professionals, we partnered with Dobango, a fast-growing Silicon Valley based developer of social gaming and contest management systems. Dobango is one of a very small handful of developers integrating new apps with Pinterest. Their software and services were a great solution for our "Feed Your Crowd" photo contest, and the integration between Facebook and Pinterest made word of our contest travel fast. We were able to connect with customers and generate new interest in our products, and we had great participation from many amazing food bloggers who use Pinterest and Facebook in conjunction with their blogs to make social connections, expand their reach and share great food photos.

Because we went where few had gone before, our contest even made it to financial news networks including Yahoo! Finance and Barron’s. Check it out!

Now that our contest is over, we have some real world Pinterest campaign experience that has brand managers calling on us to learn how they too can use Pinterest to engage their customers and bloggers with their brands!

Fun Fact: Scott and I were involved in the early days of email and group scheduling software apps. Then Scott was part of the handheld device revolution led by the PalmPilot, and he was selling mobile data before 99.9% of the world knew what that was! So the chance to be back on the leading edge of technology for a couple of weeks with Dobango and our Pinterest contest was an awesome experience for sure!