Our Remoulade Recipe is as Easy as 1-2-3

This simple recipe makes a delicious Remoulade that rivals flavors you find in high end restaurants across America. And the beauty is that this flavorful dipping sauce and zestful drizzle comes together with just 3 simple ingredients:

Outta The Park BBQ Sauce
Chopped Green Onions

That's it. Well okay, a little salt and pepper too to taste of course. And if you've got fresh herbs on hand, cilantro or summer savory or thyme will make it even better. But really the green onions are all that's needed.

This Remoulade is great as a sandwich spread or zesty dip for your favorite veggies, crabcakes, shrimpcakes, calamari or more. It even works as a dressing that pairs well with fancy salads that contain arugula and lettuces with robust flavors.

Here's how simple it is to make:

- Mix equal parts of Outta The Park Original BBQ Sauce and Trader Joe's Organic Mayonnaise. (Hellman's works too)

- Add salt and pepper to taste.

- Add some chopped fresh scallions

Mix well.

- Optional - Toss in a few chopped up leaves of fresh herbs. We love fresh cilantro and summer savory. Thyme and oregano are a close 2nd!

If you like measurements - start with 1/2 cup each of bbq sauce and mayo. Add in about 1/8 cup of chopped green onions/scallions - add more as needed to match your taste and texture preferences.

It's also great on po' boys, lobster rolls, fried chicken and any kind of seafood.

Give it a try, we think you'll like it! We mostly use our Original sauce for this recipe but Hot & Spicy also works for sure if you prefer a little extra kick!