Our Rebranding Success Story Featured on oDesk Blog Today!

I'm very excited to share that the amazing story behind our packaging redesign is being featured today on the oDesk blog. In case you haven't heard of oDesk, it's a small business owners dream come true. Imagine an eBay for knowledge workers. One online destination where you can "shop" for the talent that you need to get the jobs you need done completed quickly and without the overhead of hiring an employee.

The oDesk Value
At our 2 person company for example, there is always something more we'd like to do and need to do but getting from point A to point B or figuring out where to start is oftentimes a huge initial challenge. So many things are put on hold or put off or are lumped in the bucket called "the impossible." The beauty of oDesk is that it offers the opportunity to make the impossible suddenly possible. Not knowing where to start is no longer a reason for delay. You can hire a contractor to give you a project plan, to help you write a scope of work, to do pretty much anything that requires brain work and specialized individual talent.

So what are some examples of things oDesk can do for you? Our example is a good one - maybe you've been wanting to improve your packaging. You can find the ideal designer for your unique needs on oDesk. Maybe you want those annoying spam comments on your website to go away. A freelancer on oDesk can do that for you in a matter of minutes. We speak from experience on that one! Maybe you need a great press release written, an ecommerce site built, an email list de-duped, etc. Whatever you can think of that you've been putting off, oDesk is a good source for talent to perform those jobs too.

How does oDesk work?
It's all spelled out on oDesk, for sure, but here's my quick overview.

How it works is as a hiring company or individual, you post jobs or projects to oDesk - and here it does help to have strong written communication about what you're looking for. So you post your job, and then contractors from all over the world bid on your job or express interest in your project. You can then sort through potential candidates and find someone who is likely to best meet your needs. You interview them online, via skype, over oDesk messaging, on the phone, however you prefer. With a simple point and click you can make a hire and work on your project begins. Payment is a snap too as the billing system and time tracking system is all automated.

Some might wonder if oDesk is about finding the lowest bidder? Absolutely not. If you're on eBay and you're searching for a specific new smartphone, the specs will be the same from all sources so in that situation the lowest price has an advantage. But on oDesk things are different. It's individual people, skills, and experience combined with rates that all need to be considered together. You'll want to evaluate the portfolios and the past projects your prospective contractors have performed, and feedback ratings on previous projects will also weigh in heavily. For every project we have done through oDesk, we have never chosen the lowest bidder. For us it has always been finding the person with the best-fit portfolio of projects and exceptional feedback.

Shout Out to Golam Faruque!
I can't write this blogpost without giving a huge shout out to the talented designer who gave us our new look - Golam Faruque. Revolutionizing our look from the blue to the new was a very big deal. You may think, well it's just 2 labels, but every detail on the label was created from nothing but the ideas in our collective heads and Golam's talent with illustrations, digital painting and design. There were countless iterations of our design from start to finish, and Golam was absolutely terrific every step of the way. Please check out the amazing design work, digital paintings and fine art produced by our favorite designer on oDesk Golam Faruque. Thank you Golam for your amazing job and for being a vital part of our team!

You can find Golam and thousands of talented professionals who can help advance your business forward on oDesk . Thank you oDesk for connecting us with Golam and our other contractors and for bringing new life to our brand and our small business!

Want to say thakns to Beth and Scott

Hi Beth and Scott, THANK YOU for acknowledge me here. I also want to SHOUT OUT FOR BETH that she is the best client from oDesk!

Our pleasure, Golam!

You are welcome, Golam, and thank you for adding such a nice comment here!