Now Available Online at Abe's Market! Free Shipping thru 12/31

We are pleased to share some great news - Outta the Park BBQ Sauces are now available online at Abe's Market! At Abe's, you will find the best selection of natural, eco-friendly and green products on the web. We love Abe's because they have a unique approach and their way is right up our label-reading, know-your-producer alley! Here's how they describe their marketplace:

"At Abe's Market you can discover fantastic natural products while having the unique opportunity to learn the story behind them – straight from the products' creators. This valuable background goes beyond what can be found on a label. Who makes the product? What's in it? Where is it made? How? You can even chat directly with sellers to ask specific questions so you know that you can trust and be comfortable with the products you bring into your home. We're Abe's Market. We want you to feel good about your goods."

We want you to feel good about Outta the Park BBQ Sauce, and that's why we've shared our story on Abe's and we've opened ourselves up to questions from anyone who's interested and is considering a purchase of our sauces. We hope you'll take a closer look at us and our sauces on We've got some company, product and family history on our profile that we haven't shared previously on our website, and we think folks will appreciate knowing these details as they underscore why our commitment to clean ingredients is unwavering.

Plus there's more good news. Abe's is offering FREE SHIPPING through Dec. 31, 2012, so there has never been a better time to give Outta the Park BBQ Sauces a try. Whether you want a bottle or two for yourself or you've got plans to give a tasty gift to someone you know and care about who loves BBQ sauce, Abe's has you covered! Plus, Abe's is not just a gift-buying marketplace, you can do a lot of your grocery shopping there too.

The other nice thing is that Abe's offers a Samples program and you can try out mini bottles of our sauce for basically free. You pay $5 for 3 samples (of anything they have samples for - not just Outta the Park) and you get a $5 store coupon for your next purchase. The samples program should be set up for our sauces soon. Stay tuned, and thank you to Abe's Market for offering Outta the Park BBQ Sauces!