Make 2012 the Year of Clean Ingredients & Homerun Taste!

Happy New Year from Outta The Park on this first day of 2012!

2012 has always had significant meaning at Outta The Park. These are the last 4 digits of our UPC code on our flagship product, our Original BBQ Sauce and thus it is the item number we use internally and with retailers. UPC codes are generated at random, and I felt pretty lucky to pull 2012 from the hat back in 2009 given the historic importance it represents. While some are waiting to see if the Mayans were correct, we are choosing to view "the end" as the end of an era and the end of doing things "the old way."

The old way in terms of food production meant using chemical-laden, artificial ingredients. Or it meant people had to sacrifice on flavor to get healthier ingredients.

For us, 2012 marks the beginning of the Year of Clean Ingredients AND Homerun Taste! It's what Outta the Park has been about since our inception, and to celebrate, we have a cool new graphic to go with it!

As you're reflecting on your aspirations and resolutions for 2012, we hope you'll resolve to bring more natural and healthier foods to your kitchen this year and demand that the products you buy have:

Clean Ingredients & Homerun Taste!