Last Day for Whole Foods St. Louis Ribs Bundle Deal!

Today is the last day to take advantage of a great deal that is going on at Whole Foods Market this holiday weekend. Their Labor Day St. Louis Ribs Bundle is a tasty good value with a rack of ribs, a big tub of yummy potato salad and a delicious apple pie.

Last night our family absolutely devoured this bundle of delicious food! We made our Outta the Park Ribs recipe using the low and slow oven-bake method and finished the ribs on the grill. The Whole Foods ribs are meaty and unlike most, there was hardly any fat rendered in the oven during the 3 hrs of cook time. That's a sign of seriously good meat! In addition to the potato salad in the deal, we cooked up a side of okra and red onions - fresh & locally grown from the Western Wake Farmers Market. A simple saute in butter and olive oil with a bit of fresh garlic, sea salt and pepper - it was divine!

And of course neither Scott nor I was surprised to find that our favorite local beer - The Peacemaker - went perfectly with this combo.

If today's your day to cook this holiday weekend, oven-cooked ribs are sure to please in any weather, and the Whole Foods bundle deal makes it easy and affordable! Head out to Whole Foods before the deal is done.

Enjoy your day off, and if you need a great recipe for ribs, we've got one for Outta the Park Ribs - just click below.