Knock Your Stir Fry Recipes Outta The Park!

Q: What do you get when you have a BBQ sauce in your pantry that's made with fresh ginger and peppers?

A: A time saver in the kitchen for making fabulous stir fries!

It's true! Outta The Park BBQ Sauces are great on all the traditional things you put BBQ sauce on, AND in addition, the ginger in our sauce gives it some extra Asian cooking versatility. Combine what is already an Asian-style BBQ sauce with a touch of soy sauce, and you've got a home run combination for making delicious, restaurant quality stir fries in the comfort of your own kitchen and stove top.

So, sometimes a recipe is so easy you can hardly call it a recipe at all, and this is one of those times. This is really more of a tip or time saving idea for anyone who loves making stir fries. Whether your stir fries are vegetarian, vegan or if they contain your favorite meats, this is something you'll definitely want to try.

Outta The Park Stir Fry Recipe

For Experienced Stir Fry Cooks here's your simple tip:

Basically, once your veggies are almost cooked to perfection add a pour-over of Outta The Park BBQ Sauce and a splash of soy sauce. You want a very light coating to start - you can always add more! Toss and cook a little more to let the sauces caramelize and the flavors to come together.

For Beginner Stir Fry Cooks here are some basics for you:

Chop all your vegetables to uniform size. We like:

Carrots, Onions, Celery, Peppers, Beets, Ocra and really anything that we have on hand

Heat up oil in a pan to medium-med high. You can use olive oil or a combination of butter and olive oil. If you go the combo route, melt the butter in a pan first and when it foams then add olive oil. Use a 1 tbsp butter:1 tbsp oil ratio. Mix the oils and add your veggies.

Cook all the vegetables together adding salt and pepper and your other favorite seasonings. Keep veggies moving until they start to get tender. You may need to add water to your pan and steam the veg for a bit depending on how many veggies you put in your pan. Ex. if you have a single layer of vegetables you may not need this step; but if you have a lot of veggies stacked on top of each other in the pan then adding water and a lid to steam them a bit will help with consistent cooking. When veggies start to get tender, then it's time to add sauce. Pour over Outta The Park BBQ Sauce to lightly coat the vegetables, and add a splash of soy sauce. Taste and adjust sauces as needed to perfect the taste.

Remember - you can always add but you can't take away so start with small amounts of both Outta The Park and soy sauce and add more as you get to the taste that's right for you.

Other Outta The Park tips:

- We prefer organic soy sauce to avoid genetically modified soy, but whatever brand you choose will work fine from a flavor perspective.

- Our Original BBQ Sauce is vegetarian and our Hot & Spicy is Vegan.

Hope you enjoy making restaurant-quality stir fries at home with Outta The Park!