Homerun Review from Big Wayner's BBQ Blog!

Wayne Brown, known best among BBQ enthusiasts as "Big Wayner" of Big Wayner's BBQ Blog posted a great review today for Outta The Park BBQ Sauce. The title of his post sums up his take in terms we love: "A Home Run with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce."

Big Wayner isn't just a self-admitted BBQ junkie with a ton of followers; he's also a member of the Kansas City BBQ Society and is a Certified BBQ Judge. In other words, he's got a big BBQ IQ and his opinion means a lot!

Big Wayner writes:

"The aroma of the sauce is… wow… it’s just great! Sweetness, tanginess, and freshness all work together for an excellent blend. The flavor profiles line up with the flavors picked up in the aroma – sweet, tangy, and fresh! The sweetness is not a sugary sweetness, but more of a natural sweetness."

"This sauce tastes just as good when cooked on a meat as it does on its own… and maybe even better! The sweetness becomes a bit deeper, and the tanginess acts in a perfect balance. When my wife had one of the pork chops, she even commented on how tasty the sauce was! To me, that’s a winner."

You can read the entire review by clicking on Big Wayner's logo at the top of this post.

And remember, you never know whose path you'll be fortunate enough to cross. Scott had a chance meeting with Big Wayner's wife, Heather, a few weeks ago at The Meat House in Charlotte. He gave her a couple of samples to pass along to Wayne, and it all led to this great review! Score one for getting out there, and thanks to Big Wayner and his wife!