Grand Slam Grilled Salmon Recipe

One of the unique things about our BBQ sauce is its versatility. Yes, it's tasty on ribs and chicken and beef and the standard foods you put on a grill. But have you tried it on salmon yet?

BBQ sauce on salmon? Well, and with out hesitation, YES! It's really an awesome combo thanks to the notes of fresh ginger that are our signature flavor!

And it's not just us who thinks so. We hear from customers on a regular basis how much they enjoy Outta The Park on salmon - both baked and grilled. We thought we'd share a simple yet delicious recipe that our family enjoys with America's favorite fish. This recipe is tried and true and has been repeated often to the delight of our friends and family.


Outta The Park Grand Slam Grilled Salmon

- 2 lbs wild-caught sockeye salmon fillet, skin on
- Olive oil
- Salt and pepper. Dry rub to taste - optional
- Three tablespoons Outta The Park BBQ Sauce

Pre heat grill, turning all burners to high.
Coat both sides of salmon fillet with a thin layer of olive oil.
Sprinkle salt and pepper on flesh side of the fillet. Also sprinkle dry rub if desired.
Place salmon on grill skin side down. Spread barbecue sauce evenly on the fillet.
Grill with lid open approximately three (3) minutes.*
Turn off the Burner Directly under the fillet.
Close lid and grill for another five (5) minutes.*

Remove fillet from grill with spatula. The skin may separate from the fillet, which is ok. Remove any remaining skin. Use a sharp knife to cut portions to desired size. Drizzle with extra barbecue sauce and serve over rice pilaf with your favorite side dish.

*Note: Cook times shown are for fillets 1" thick or less. Thicker fillets may require 3 to 6 additional minutes of cooking time.

Shared with Kelly the Kitchen Kop