"Eight Thumbs Up!" from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen

We have admired the kitchen creations of food blogger and home chef Ann Fulton of The Fountain Avenue Kitchen for quite some time. Her food pictures on Facebook have drawn me to her website and recipe blog many times. The fact that she draws inspiration for cooking and the name of her blog from her grandmother makes me even more of a fan. I have so many treasured memories of big Sunday dinners at my grandmother's house too.

When Ann agreed to give our sauce a try and make something for her family, we were delighted. Just this week she shared her family's thoughts about Outta The Park BBQ Sauce on her blog, and the feedback made our day!

Here are excerpts shared in her recipe for Pan-Seared BBQ Heart Chicken.

"While I have a homemade [barbecue sauce] recipe that I really love, sometimes a bottle of store bought comes in handy...Between the shape of the chicken and the terrific flavor imparted by the sauce (two chose the spicy version, two chose original), there were smiles across the board...This is the sort of meal that is “fast food” in our family. A quick sear of a chicken breast and a bag of greens forms the basis of a good dinner fast...Thank you, Beth, for sharing your sauce with my family! We give it eight thumbs up!"

We heart this recipe and the feedback from The Fountain Avenue Kitchen! Thanks to Ann for trying out our sauce and for sharing a recipe that showcases so well how a ready-made sauce with clean ingredients makes healthy "fast food" at home a reality. Yes, you really can just add sauce at the end of your cook time and serve it as a dipping sauce or condiment and your main course is done!

Click here to see Ann's recipe and learn her technique for making heart-shaped chicken breasts. Also be sure to find The Fountain Avenue Kitchen on Facebook and see all of Ann's creations and recipes on her website.

Ann also writes a weekly column for Fig Magazine and The Fountain Avenue Kitchen also appears as a bi-weekly column in The Lancaster Sunday News. Links to both are on her website.

Thank you

Thank you so much for the kind words and, of course, for sharing your fabulous sauce. While I used it for a fun and easy dinner this time, it was truly the perfect way to really taste the sauce...and it sure made plain old chicken taste great! Coincidently, a friend of mine just made a recipe of mine last night and your sauce would be perfect in that recipe. It is for BBQ mini meatloaves. I will share a link in case you'd like to try!
Thank you again!


Muffin Cup BBQ Meatloaves - Great Idea!

Hi Ann - the pleasure is all ours. And thank you for the link to the Muffin Cup Barbecue Meatloaves recipe! What a great idea, and I agree. I think our sauce would very work well with it!