Cook Once, Eat All Week w/ Outta The Park Crockpot Pulled Pork

One 6-8 lb Boston Butt pork roast (or pork shoulder)
Olive oil
2 Tablespoons of Easy Dry Rub (see rub recipe below)
1-2 cups apple cider vinegar
Outta The Park BBQ Sauce

Instructions: Pre-heat crock pot to High setting. Coat roast with olive oil. Apply Easy Dry Rub* over entire roast and rub into all sides of meat. Add apple cider vinegar to crock pot - make sure there’s enough to cover the bottom of the pot and up the sides about an inch or so. Then add roast. Cover and cook for approx. 4-6 hours depending on size of roast. Note: Do not add sauce to the crockpot because the meat will render lots of fat and water during cooking. Optional: cook time can be extended an extra hour to finish cooking on a grill or smoker if desired.

Once pork is cooked, place roast on large cutting board. Use large forks or other appropriate kitchen tools to "pull" meat to separate (you can also chop with cleaver or large knife). Add additional dry rub seasoning and splashes of apple cidar vinegar as needed to keep meat moist. Return meat to a serving dish or pot to keep warm. Add Outta the Park BBQ Sauce now and then add more to each individual serving for maximum flavor.

*Easy Dry Rub: combine and mix well 2 Tbsp sea salt and 1 Tbsp each of:
black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika and cayenne pepper.

Additional Tips: This recipe is perfect to make ahead. We like to start cooking our pork at bedtime, and we'll cook it low and slow all night long. In the morning when it's done, we'll do the chopping and then refrigerate or freeze the meat un-sauced. Our favorite method to re-heat is to use a steamer basket approach on the stovetop - this keeps the meat nice and moist. Serve hot from the pot with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce added with each serving. You can also reheat meat in the crockpot just add water at the start and water and little splashes of apple cider vinegar for flavor as needed throughout the serving time and stir frequently to ensure the meat stays moist.