Be There in 2011- Hot Sauce Contest in Oxford, NC

Scott and I had a blast at the 2010 NC Hot Sauce Contest this past weekend! What a great event put on by the town of Oxford, Julia Stovall of Stovall's Gifts and the folks who grow the peppers that go in our sauce - Bailey Farms of Oxford. We have our 3 seconds of fame in a terrific event slide show put together by Susan Jessup. You can see us from minutes 3:39-4:41 in this video, but take the time to see the whole thing and be inspired to head out to Oxford for the 5th annual event in will be bigger and better, and we'll be back for sure - maybe we'll even have a hot version of our sauce by then....

Check out the slideshow on YouTube at:

And enjoy the catchy bluesy background music while you watch!