Amazing Clubs BBQ Sauce of the Month for Oct is OTP Original!

We are excited to announce that Amazing Clubs has chosen Outta the Park Original BBQ Sauce for their “BBQ Sauce of the Month” selection for October!

As the #1 largest provider of gourmet Gift of the Month Clubs in the world, Amazing Clubs delivers only the very best, guaranteed-to-taste-good gourmet items to their customers. Every year they sample thousands of gourmet products and carefully select only the best of the best to feature for their clubs. Most products have won awards and recognition in tasting competitions. As they put it, “Some make the grade. Most don’t. But we’ll never settle for second best - and neither should you.”

As gift season approaches, keep Amazing Clubs and their BBQ Sauce of the Month Club in mind. You can check out their BBQ Sauce of the Month Club by clicking on their logo above, and it is guaranteed to satisfy your BBQ lovin’ family and friends!

And if you've been meaning to try Outta the Park Original BBQ Sauce, October is a great month for it with Amazing Clubs!