"10 Best BBQ Sauces" - Outta The Park Makes the Lineup!

Food writer Miri Rotkovitz has a passion for finding foods and ingredients that enhance recipes, taste phenomenal, and are worth the cost or effort it takes to get them. She has Outta The Park sauces listed in her article "10 Best BBQ Sauces - Top Barbecue Sauce Picks for Deliciously Easy Grilling."

Writing for About.com, she has this to say:

"Fresh ginger adds a welcome kick to Outta the Park's award-winning all-natural BBQ sauces, made with organic ketchup, brown sugar, molasses, brown mustard, ginger, chile peppers. Butter mellows the Regular sauce, while the dairy-free Hot & Spicy version gets extra heat from chile peppers and spicy mustard. Gluten Free. Buy online at InsaneChicken.com. Price: $5.95/ 15 oz."

Click on the logo to the left to read the entire article and be inspired to try her Top 10 great tasting BBQ sauces. How cool to have a prominent food writer show us some love!