BBQSauceReviews - 5 Stars!

New Florida Customer Checks In

"I just bought some of your BBQ sauce @ The Art of BBQ in St Augustine, FL. I
really just bought it because it sounded good and had a really cool name and
logo. But, it tastes as good as it looks and sounds. Haven't had it on any
food yet, but coming really soon. So if it tastes as good on food as it does on my
finger, I might have to get me a case! Thanks!!"

BBQ Pizza Feedback -- It's a Hit!

"I just want to say that your barbeque sauce is absolutely incredible. We were in Weaver Street Market in Hillsborough late Saturday afternoon. My daughters and I tried it and bought a bottle. When we got home, I had to make barbeque chicken pizza!

"If I could bathe in any BBQ sauce..."

"If I could bathe in any BBQ sauce, I'd choose Outta the Park without a doubt. This sauce is so darn good! The packaging is deceiving. On the outside the bottle appears to be an all American favorite with a hint of fifties era innocence. The delectable sauce on the inside however is ultra modern tasting and far from innocent. This sauce is sweet yet touts a tangy bite at the end thanks to the perfect amount of jalapeno. The sauce's sophistication is attributed to the yummy bits of fresh ginger and perfect blend of spices. I will shamefully admit that I kept sticking my finger directly into the neck of the bottle and repeatedly licked it right off my fingers! After one taste I made only one sound "Oooooooooh!" I gained several pounds the week I tried this product because I felt the need to put it on everything! It is versatile-I used it to spice up turkey burgers and even used it to add flavor to sugar snap peas. If I had a second bottle I'd even use some on whole grain pasta to create an Asian inspired BBQ dish. This BBQ sauce is exceptional. Although the price point is higher than the average BBQ sauce, you are not paying for an average BBQ sauce here. This is a yummy one of a kind made by a husband and wife team who care about serving people an all natural product infused with the love and passion of their kitchen and marriage. Your sauce hit a homerun with this reviewer!"

Review by Susannah Locketti - Food & Lifestyles personality discovered by the Food Network

A "Glo-"rious Review!

Check out this product review from "SaucyGlo," our favorite online retailer and owner of Carolina Sauce. Here's an excerpt:

We Won a 1st Place 2010 Scovie Award!!!

We are proud to announce that Outta the Park BBQ Sauce has won a 1st Place Award in the 2010 Scovie Awards competition! The annual Scovie Awards is one of the world’s most competitive gourmet food competitions with about 800 products entered each year.