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July 4th Tribute - Here's to the Men who Grill for Us!

It’s both good and bad when the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday. What’s bad is obvious – it’s humpday for heaven’s sakes, and no one gets to enjoy a long weekend free from work. What’s good is that it creates an automatic occasion for folks to fire up a grill and cook outdoors 3 or more times in one week!

On Sale for Father's Day - Barbecue Gift Set from

Our Grilled Shrimp on Edible Whole Foods NBC17 TODAY!

Keep it REAL on the Grill! Food Revolution Day May 19, 2012

N. Raleigh Whole Foods Cooking Podcast Features Outta the Park

"Thumbs Up on Outta The Park" "All Natural and All Yummy"

Outta The Park featured on NBC17’s Edible Whole Foods!

My Carolina Today gets ready for the Oscars with great movies, great recipes and Outta The Park BBQ Sauce. In his weekly Edible Whole Foods segment, noted author and publisher Fred Thompson connects this year’s Academy Awards with simple and delicious foods inspired by scenes and settings from this year’s Best Picture Nominees.

Homerun Review from Big Wayner's BBQ Blog!

Wayne Brown, known best among BBQ enthusiasts as "Big Wayner" of Big Wayner's BBQ Blog posted a great review today for Outta The Park BBQ Sauce. The title of his post sums up his take in terms we love: "A Home Run with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce."

Outta The Park Grilled Shrimp Recipe

Having grown up in North Carolina, I was taught that the word barbecue is a noun for the most part and it's something folks eat that's typically pork in nature and shredded, served with a delightful vinegar based dressing.

Grand Slam Grilled Salmon Recipe

One of the unique things about our BBQ sauce is its versatility. Yes, it's tasty on ribs and chicken and beef and the standard foods you put on a grill. But have you tried it on salmon yet?