Best BBQ Spatchcock Chicken Recipe & Technique

I have to admit, when my grill master husband Scott gets that glimmer in his eye, and looks longingly at a whole chicken and motions to his grill, I usually lobby hard to put the bird in the oven for a low and slow roast instead.

Why? Because when it comes to cooking whole chickens, I prefer the oven over the grill, and it's not because I don't enjoy the taste of BBQ chicken on the grill - I most certainly do - consider where I work! But the biggest issue for me is that cooking a whole bird on the grill usually renders the leftover bones brittle and lifeless - which is not what you want when you're planning to turn those precious bones into a delicious homemade chicken stock or as I like to call it nutrient-dense bone broth.

So when Scott said he wanted to try the Spatchcock technique, I was intrigued. Spatchcocking a chicken involves removing the backbone so that the chicken lays flat and cooks more evenly. I took that to also mean less cook time - which might have the advantage of leaving the bones fit for a broth.

As it turned out the cooked bones from the grill didn't look suitable for a broth, BUT, the backbones that had been removed were PERFECT for the job. We froze the backbones until we were ready to make broth, and when we did a couple of weeks later it turned out excellent!!

So now, when my husband wants to grill a whole chicken - or 2 - spatchcocking is the way to go. He gets to build a fire and tend the grill for a few hours, and I still get my batch of homemade bone broth. Everybody is happy.

And the good news is you can do this at home too, and there are just Two Basic Steps!

Step One:

Watch this short video by Chef John of Food Wishes that shows the Best and Simplest Technique for Spatchcock Chicken

Step Two:

After you have prepared your chickens and the back bones are removed, the next part is easy. Here are our 3 Quick and Easy Steps to Grill BBQ Chicken Perfectly Every Time.

Once you give Spatchcock Chicken made with Outta The Park BBQ Sauce a try, let us know what you think! And do check back on this recipe page because eventually it will be linked to our homemade bone broth recipe. Once you start turning your leftover chicken bones into delicious golden broth, you won't buy cans or cartons again!