About Us

Scott and Beth Granai of Cary, NC, created Outta The Park® BBQ Sauce and formed a family business to share it with others in 2009. Scott is a prize-winning home chef and a fan of great-tasting foods. He grew up in Norwell, MA, and is a class of 1991 Harvard graduate. Beth is from Matthews, NC, and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1990. She is passionate about nutrient-dense, organic, non-GMO foods. An advocate of natural health and wellness, she and her family have benefited from a variety of alternative health practices including a real food diet.

We are a Real Food Family.

We know from personal experience that the path to wellness and vibrant health begins with eating "real" food. Real food is wholesome and natural and grown in gardens or on farms. Real food recipes are made in kitchens and not in labs, and real food families count chemicals more than calories. You will find only real food in our products and no “edible food-like substances” such as synthetic additives or chemical preservatives. We avoid chemical-laden foods and ingredients as a family, and you won't find them in our products.

As our business grows, our commitment is to continue to make our sauces as organic and as sustainably-produced as possible while still keeping them affordable on grocery shelves.

Keep it REAL in the Kitchen and on the Grill!

With a cleaner version of the sweet and tangy sauce that America loves, we bring great-tasting sauces that are better for you to kitchens and backyards near you.

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Outta The Park Eats, Inc.
P.O. Box 3422
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PH: (919) 462-0012
FX: (800) 341-8511
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